Fashion can be called a kind of unit of time.
It reflects everything that happens in the world.
War, political coups, technological progress
– fashion has its own answer to all this
The style of the 50s and today looks very elegant and feminine. The war is over, and it gave rise to a new creative thought. Again, you could look bright and beautiful, choose outfits and hairstyles
French fashion designer, founder of the Christian Dior fashion house
Christian Dior
The main symbol of the 50s was Christian Dior, who proposed the New Look style, the characteristic features of which were a thin accentuated waist, puffy skirts, a high bus
Of course, we did not forget about accessories: handbags, hats, gloves - all this has once again become common for fashionistas
Narrow pointed shoes with medium and high heels were a great success. At the same time, in 1952, Salvatore Ferragamo presented
the first stiletto shoes
The brightest decade in the history
of world fashion has come. There were bold moods, and fashion trends were aimed mainly at young people
The girls wore wedge shoes, loafers, boots. Among the accessories in fashion were large plastic beads, large glasses with round lenses, wide belts. The most fashionable hairstyle was "barbarella" – all thanks to
the release of the film
"Babetta goes to war" with Bridget Bardot. She was not inferior to her short haircut under a boy or an elongated square laid in the manner of Jacqueline Kennedy
The girls wore wedge shoes, loafers, boots. There was a bright eye makeup in use: dove arrows, heavily painted eyelashes, lip gloss.
The main directions then were pop art, The Beatles, artificial materials and graphic prints
For the first time in 1965,
André Courrégé proposed miniskirt
After that, all the taboos on the trouser suits were removed and they were at the peak of popularity
Fashion designer Pierre Cardin presented a line of minimalist clothing – elegance could be forgotten, and Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first fashion designers to promote new "ethnic" fashion
French fashion designer, founder of a fashion house named after himself
André Courrégé
Pierre Cardin
French fashion designer of Italian origin
Yves Saint Lauren
A French fashion designer who worked in the world of haute couture from the late 1950s to 1980s
The main feature of the 70s was diversity and eclecticism. There is a concept of a basic wardrobe and "antimodes" – you could wear anything
At the same time, various subcultures were already beginning to spread, including hippies, who chose natural materials - wool and cotton. The costumes were with soft colors, small drawings that were characteristic of ethnic style
In the early 70s, the presence of the 60s was still felt - simple geometric lines, dresses with A-shaped silhouettes
At the same time, the "unisex" style developed, the main attributes of which were trousers, shirts, jeans, jumpers
Glam rock was particularly bright – thanks
to Gary Glitter, Mark Boan, David Bowie, leather coats, high platform or high-heeled boots, bright makeup were in fashion
In the 70s, clothes EXTREMES were allowed only in the evening, but the more extravagant they became – this is the disco style
Fashionable were colorful polyester shirts, lycra bodysuits, tops, short shorts made of silver lurex, bodypainted body art. Makeup was also brilliant - glitter
on the face, hair, body
of this subculture found clothes on second – hands and turned it into a suit with chains,blades,
cartridge cases
The girls wore a mini with black tights
and stylet heels, as well as used aggressive makeup and hairstyles of bright colors and all kinds of shapes
sex, romantism, sport, its all meant 80s
Romantic female style
is associated with the style of Princess Diana
Fashionistas wore pastel – tone clothes made of guipure, silk, tulle and lace. Pencil skirts, sheath dresses, blouses, belts tied to the waist are all attributes of the romantic style of the 80s
Jane Fonda and her aerobics lessons created a trend
of sports fashion
A wide T-shirt belted with a rubber belt, bright leggings, leggings and sneakers – this is the exact characteristic
of this direction
In 1988, the film "Business Girl" was released, where actresses wore office - style clothes
Leather coats, turtlenecks, pumps were used. Dresses and jackets were touched with wide straps with a massive buckle.
The punk rock style still remained afloat, but it was supplemented by youth subcultures such as
hip-hop and Gothic
wide T-shirts
hooded sweatshirts
images of crosses, skulls
boots on the platform
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